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Ozone treatments

Clinic Kaarina Krogerus is specialized in ozone therapy treatments, such as autohemotherapy, ozone-infusions, ozone-injections and ozone colon therapy.



In autohemotherapy treatments ozone gas is used to enrich blood. Autohemotherapy makes red bloodcells carry oxygen more efficiently and this boosts cellular respiration- the body gets more energy and the natural immune deficiency of the body gets better. For example the amount of cytokines that aid inflammation have been noticed to decrease and in turn the amount of interferons and other “healing” cytokines increase. Regular minimal exposure to ozone increases the activity of antioxidants immensely. This can be seen in increasing amounts of enzymatic antioxidants, in other words superoxide dismutase (SOD), and the amounts of catalase increasing too. These antioxidants protect cells from damage and premature ageing. Clinic Kaarina Krogerus is the first ozone therapy clinic in Finland that gives autohemotherapy treatments.


Major autohemotherapy

In this method about 100-250ml of patient’s own blood is withdrawn, then enriched with ozone and then reintroduced to patient’s vein. Even though oxygen/ozone mixture doesn’t dissolve easily into aqueous solution, but when the blood is ozonated, the effect can be boosted. Ozone reacts with blood and immediately creates different kinds of compounds, which create therapeutic effects. Therefore of almost 500ml of oxygen/ozone mixture, almost all ozone can react with blood. This method is efficient and most researched systemic ozone treatment.


Ozone infusion treatment

In this method patient is intravenously infused with ozonated saline solution. As a method ozone infusion is more simple than major autohemotherapy.


Minor autohemotherapy

In this method about 5-10ml on patient’s own blood is withdrawn, then enriched with ozone and injected into patient’s muscle, usually into gluteal muscle. Ozone injections are also possible for inflamed areas in face. This method works well for acne and rosacea.


Ozone injections

It is possible to inject ozone gas straight to muscle, joint, under the skin or even into tumor. In these situations the amount of ozone is very low (5-10ml). This method is used usually for local symptoms. Areas that cause problems usually are the joints, and for joints the injections are perfomed by a doctor. Ozone injections to muscles and under the skin are perfomed by nurses. These treatments are also very popular in different kinds of cosmetic applications, such as treatment of cellulite and facial treatments.


Ozone colon therapy

To enhance the effects of colon therapy, clinic Kaarina Krogerus also offers colon therapy treatment where ozone gas is used for the colon therapy. Ozone colon therapy is another option for intravenous treatments. Ozone colon therapy is used for treatment for example of Crohn’s disease, colitis ulcerosa and as a support treatment of chronic illnesses. In actual colon therapy the colon is rinsed clean with water. After that oxygen/ozone solution is inserted. It’s not always necessary to rinse whole colon. Treatment can also be simply so that ozone is pressed into colon from plastic bag with a catheter. It’s desirable that patient is cleansed before ozone colon therapy.

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